Phoenix, Ariz. –Scents of fresh hair products, and budding pink carnations filled the halls of the pediatric intensive care unit today, along with an ever popular tune, “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt. That’s exactly what mothers felt today – beautiful. Sincerely Yours Salon pampered mothers of hospitalized children with up do’s, manicures, pedicures and massages.

It was a special day for moms who for a while haven’t felt very special. In fact, many have felt helpless sitting bedside for months watching their sick children suffer. Maria Gurrola has been at Phoenix Children’s Hospital for 6 months and knows the feeling of helplessness all too well. Her daughter Jocelyn suffers from gastro-intestinal problems and has been at Phoenix Children’s since birth.

“It was my first Mother’s Day as a mom, but it didn’t feel like it to me because my baby was in the hospital,” said Maria. “It is so nice of the salon to take time and do this for us.”

Owner Patricia Mitchell of Sincerely Yours Salon, located on 7th Street and Bell, was very excited to help out these moms. As a mom herself, she knows the extent of what it takes to care for children, and sick ones at that. “It’s really humbling to know that these moms have been here for months,” explained teary eyed Patricia, “I see the moms transform and carry themselves differently after getting their hair done, that’s what makes it worth it.”

After their spa treatments were done, moms walked away with a Redken purse filled with chocolates, and product samples, and a pink carnation.

About Phoenix Children’s Hospital
Phoenix Children’s Hospital is Arizona’s only licensed children’s hospital, providing world-class care in more than 40 pediatric specialties to our state’s sickest kids. Though Phoenix Children’s is one of the ten largest freestanding children’s hospitals in the country, rapid population growth in Arizona means the Hospital must grow as well. Phoenix Children’s recently announced a $588 million expansion plan to bring its special brand of family-centered care to even more patients and families. The plan includes a significant upgrade of the Hospital’s current campus, an aggressive physician recruitment effort, and new satellite centers in high growth areas of the Valley. For more information, visit the Hospital’s Web site at

Editor’s Note: Stylist Ashley Devore (right), of Phoenix, was happy to help make mom’s feel better by providing fun ‘up-do’s’. Maria Gurrola (left), also from Phoenix, said loved being pampered today. She admitted it has been 2 years since she last got her hair professionally styled. Her little girl Jocelyn has been at Phoenix Children’s Hospital since birth for the last 6 months.