Patricia Mitchell, owner of Sincerely Yours Salon, was styling longtime client RosaMaria Cordova’s hair while expressing her desire to make a difference in her community over the holidays. RosaMaria informed Patricia that the school where she teaches has a Holiday Assistance “Wish List” Program for its families in need.

In December, Patricia Mitchell and Sincerely Yours Salon partnered with Arrowhead Elementary School in the Paradise Valley School District and the Sincerely Yours Salon Teddy Bear Adoption Program was born.

Red and green teddy bears adorned a large Christmas Tree in the waiting area of the salon with all of the children’s clothing and shoe sizes, along with 2 “wishes” for each child hoping to be “adopted.” Sincerely Yours Salon clients, stylists and nail technicians filled each child’s wish. Patricia delivered all the gifts, individually wrapped for every child, to RosaMaria at Arrowhead Elementary on the last week of school before the holiday break. The parents were able to pick up the wrapped gifts, without the children knowing, helping the families have a fabulous Christmas.

Patricia gives a heartfelt thank you to every single client, along with each of her stylists and nail technicians, for their kindness and generosity during these hard economic times. “I received an overwhelming response from everyone involved,” says Patricia. “The gift that I received by being part of something so magical was something I have never experienced.” This program even inspired Patricia to get her own family involved. Her parents, brothers, nieces and nephew each “adopted” a teddy bear from the tree, changing the way they celebrated Christmas. “It was awesome to see everyone focus on the giving and not the receiving.”

Diane Sylvestri, Principal of Arrowhead Elementary School, said, “Thank you so very much for the difference you made in the lives of our students and families over the holidays. It was truly appreciated! Our families were so surprised and very grateful!”

Diane, RosaMaria and Patricia, along with everyone at Sincerely Yours Salon, offer their sincerest thanks to everyone who helped make this holiday season magical to so many!